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Kind Words From Celestial Hands Clients

"I love Adam's energy and pace. Smooth, thoughtful and very effective."

Julie S. LMT

July, 20th 2018

"Highly in tune with individual needs."

Felicia S.

October, 10th 2018

"Adam is brilliant. His instincts are on point. I loved the experience, keep up the good work."

Cheryl R. LMT

June, 6th 2018

"Another excellent session. Always confirms the amount of pressure and adds more when needed."

"Very tuned in especially to my shoulders. Perfect communication and pressure."

Brittany T. LMT

August, 24th 2018

"Adam's professionalism, touch and Connection to clients is outstanding"

Mike K. LMT

August, 17th 2018

"Thank you. Definitely the best massage I've ever had"

Marisa L.

June, 29th 2018

Lee M.

August, 15th 2018

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